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Enhance your flight simulation experience with our open-source Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) web application.

What is FlightDash.io?

Ever found yourself toggling between multiple websites or apps to access essential information during a flight simulation? FlightDash.io addresses this exact challenge, seamlessly integrating all necessary resources into a single, streamlined platform. Tailored for flight simulation enthusiasts, our platform brings a comprehensive suite of tools into one cohesive, easy-to-navigate interface.

AI Announcements: An In-Depth Look

Take a look at our video providing an in-depth look at FlighDash.io's AI Announcements!

Fenix AI Cabin Announcement Soundpack Generator

Introducing our newest tool to enhance your flight sim experience with the Fenix A320!



Utilize written and readout checklists for ease of use. Experience the freedom of hands-free voice recognition.

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Airport & Runway Data

Gain insights on airport details, frequencies, and runway specifics. Receive suggestions on in-use runways based on the latest wind conditions.

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Providing real-time METAR data from AviationWeather.gov or VATSIM. Suitable runways for takeoff and landing based on current weather conditions.

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Flight Plan Sync

Seamless integration with SimBrief ensures that your flight plans are up to date and synchronized. The full flight plan is viewable directly in the tool, and automatically configures other features such as Flight Stats Tracking, AI Cabin Crew Announcements and more!

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Ditch your subscription based chart service. FREE Charts powered by AviationAPI.com

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Live Flight Status Tracking

Monitor your flight's on-time vs. delayed statuses. Keep track of the timeliness of each flight phase and ensure you're always in the know.

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AI Flight Crew Announcements

Open AI powered, realistic sounding, dynamic cabin crew announcements. Web Player or Fenix A320 Soundpacks available.

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Simulated Live Passenger and Cargo Boarding/Deboarding

Live Passenger Manifest that shows passengers' boarding status, seat assignments, and the status of their checked baggage.

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Post Flight Reports

After your flight, see a summary report showing how on time you were for each phase of your flight.

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Live VATSIM Flight Tracking

Live Flight and Controller Tracking Map

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VATSIM Group Flight Tracking

Quick View of flights in your VATSIM group flight. Current status, speed, altitude, distance to go, and more!

VATSIM Proximity Tracking

Easily view other VATSIM pilots and their flight details within a selected range of your current location.

Integrated Experience

All of your favorite flight resources in one place

Free Integrated Features
  • aviationweather.gov weather
  • VATSIM Network weather
  • Airportdb.io airport + runway data
  • Simbrief Flight Plans
  • FREE Charts
  • Live VATSIM Arrivals/Departues
  • Live VATSIM Controller Status
  • Live VATSIM Map
Premium Integrated Features
$0.50 / flight (Estimate)
  • Open AI Powered Cabin Crew Announcements (Open Beta) with tons of dynamic detail from your flight plan. Use our Web Player or even download a soundpack specifically for the Fenix A320 aircraft!
  • GPT-4 Powered Dynamic Announcement Scripts based on flight plan
  • Open AI TTS (text-to-speech) provides realistic sounding announcments in multiple voices
  • Audio EQ and effects to simulate Terminal and Cabin PA Speakers.
  • Use of your own Open AI Account REQUIRED
  • All payment handled directly with OpenAI. FlightDash.io does not get paid or handle any payments.
  • *Estimate*: < $0.50 / one full flight's worth of announcements in Web Player. OR: 1 AI Announcement Soundpack for Fenix A320
  • Click here to view OpenAI's API Pricing Policy

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just randomly discovered your stuff, your work is actually incredible 🔥

- @pitchtransition, YouTube

Awesome man. Can't wait to show case it on one of my streams once it's released 🙌

- @AvioMan, YouTube

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